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  • Lee Strand nominated to represent Ireland for Environmental Excellence

    March 2014 | by Lee Strand

    Lee Strand has been nominated by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) to represent Ireland at the upcoming EMAS Awards (Eco-Management & Audit Scheme) in Germany on April 7th & 8th, 2014. The awards ceremony will be attended by companies in the EU that have excelled in “Effective eco-innovations supporting improvements in environmental performance”. The European EMAS Awards were established by the European Commission and are the most prestigious awards in environmental management. The EMAS Awards reward the best performance of EMAS registered organisations and have been presented to EMAS registered organisations since 2005. John O’Sullivan, General Manager, Lee Strand commented “This is a fantastic achievement for Lee Strand as we will be recognised on the European stage with the best companies in Europe for achievements in environmental excellence. We have created numerous innovations in our production operations to enhance our environmental performance, which provides high quality products to our customers. As a consequence we have reduced significantly our usage of water, energy and waste materials going to landfill. The effects of global warming and climate change have been much discussed recently with the extreme weather patterns experienced. Lee Strand is leading the way in reducing its carbon footprint and protecting the environment”. BACKGROUND ON EMAS The EMAS Awards recognise exceptional organisations with a strategic vision and a verified Environmental Management Sys¬tem according to EMAS. Implementing eco-innovation focuses on the creation and implementation of novel and creative solutions in an organisation’s production process and throughout its value chain. This leads to an organisation’s improved environmental performance. Eco-innovation is about reducing our environmental impact and making better use of resources with new solutions. This means developing new products, techniques, services, processes or business models that can create benefits for the environment, for example by reducing pressure on natural resources and/or the emission of pollutants.