In 2019, the % of product sold in renewable packaging was 4% and this increased to 23% in 2020.

In November 2019, Lee Strand launched into the marketplace the Tetra Rex plant-based carton, the world’s first fully renewable and fully sustainable pack.

Lee Strand invested over €2 million in manufacturing technology to offer customers a pack that moves beyond being just recyclable, but also fully renewable and sustainable. This packaging is recognised as a major step forward in the development of truly sustainable packaging and has won many prestigious international awards. The investment is substantial but Lee Strand recognised the benefits to the environment.

It is our objective to continue to increase the range of products offered and the % of products sold in renewable packaging, thereby reducing the amount of plastic in the marketplace.

In 2020, the range of product offerings in the Tetra Rex plant-based carton was extended to offer a 2 litre carton. Since then Lee Strand has also removed the school milk plastic bottle and replaced it with a fully renewable carton. Lee Strand ran an extensive advertising campaign (press, radio and social media) with competitions promoting the launch of the new sustainable packaging.

The introduction of the 2 litre carton had been planned for 2021, however, this objective was achieved ahead of time.