Objectives and targets 2021-2025

Reducing resource use and waste generated while maintaining strict food standards will be challenging and will also be affected by changes in the product mix with more milk being packaged.

However, we believe in continually improving our environmental performance and to achieve this we have set ambitious reduction targets for the years 2021-2025:

ENERGY – reduce by 4%

WATER – reduce by 2.5%

WASTE – reduce by 10%

We have zero waste to landfill

These achievements have been significant and are due mostly to more efficient work practices, employee awareness, reorganisation of delivery routes and a switch to more fuel-efficient delivery vehicles. A significant change in the product mix occurred in 2020, with more milk being packaged. This would be expected to result in an increase in resource use. However, resource use in 2020 was reduced when compared with 2019.

The % of total energy used that was purchased from renewable sources was 17% in 2020 (up 7% from 2019) and it is our policy to increase this going forward.

Reduction in resource use and waste 2020 v 2019